Our Club includes men of all legal ages, physical types, and interests.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††  




All members must agree to abide by all the rules (listed below) of the private club known as B&G.  If members do not comply with the rules and regulations listed below, membership may be revoked and dues will be forfeited without refund or the member  may be asked to leave the event by the host.

  • Members will agree to accept all responsibility and liability concerning the bringing and use of alcohol and all related consequences.                           

  • The host will provide plastic bags for members to store their clothing and/or personal belongings.  However, the host or the club will not be responsible in the unlikely event any items are stolen, lost or damaged.  Any member found stealing any other memberís personal belongings will be subjected to appropriate action as described in the disclaimer above.

  • Any memberís action that results in damages to the hostís home or his personal property is the responsibility of that member and not the club, and appropriate action will be taken as described in the disclaimer above.

  • No illegal drugs or any others substances will be allowed at any B&G function.  Appropriate action will be taken as described in the disclaimer above.                                      

  • No overt sexual behavior will be tolerated during the scheduled B&G event.  With the hostís consent, however, members can stay beyond the scheduled end time and the hostís rules would apply Ė this will be indicated in the newsletter in the eventís announcement.  In addition, no overt sexual behavior will be allowed at our annual Rapscallion dinner/dance. Appropriate action will be taken as described in the disclaimer above.      

  • Photography is allowed only with the prior consent of all potential photographic subjects, including people in the background.   The photographer must announce beforehand his intended use, i.e. personal use, donation to the club photo album, or the upload to the B&G web site. Any member taking pictures without following the above guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action as described in the above disclaimer.            

  • Members will agree to and sign a liability waiver contained in the membership application.

  • A small admission cost will be charged by the host for each house event with the intent of covering the cost of the hostís food and beverages and any related party expenses.  In situations, in which the host miscalculates and an unreasonable deficit or surplus is the result, the host has the option of discussing this situation with the Treasurer or any steering committee member for a resolution.

  • The newsletter editor has sole responsibility of its content and will use good judgment on what is published.  No last names of any member will be published without his permission.

  • Every member at an event will be naked.  However, footwear is encouraged and those who may have temporary health problems are exempted from this rule and may be partially dressed.

  • The host of the event has the option of disallowing smoking in his home or assigning a designated area.

  • Members are encouraged to thank the host(s) when they leave a B&G house party.

  • The treasurer will give a financial report at least once a year that will be published in the newsletter.

  • There is a 15-day grace period after January 31st to renew your membership.  Once the grace period is over, the member must pay the new member rate.

  • Each member is allowed to bring one guest to a house event and his guest must sign the guest pass found in the newsletter.  That guest must join the club at that event or afterwards to attend any future house events.

  • The clubís success is measured by its membersí ability to host house parties.  If you are in a position to host, you are encouraged to do so.

The above rules are also listed on our membership application.  Please completely initial and sign the application if you decide to join. Thanks!

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