Our Club includes men of all legal ages, physical types, and interests.                                   



House Parties
B&G parties are known for being friendly and fun events. House parties are gatherings hosted by individual members who have living arrangements where they can host a nude event. Hosts determine the number of members who can attend (usually 10-30), the type of event (potluck, full dinner, special function, etc.) and the amount charged (usually between $8.00 - $15.00 per person to cover the host's expenses for the evening.) All events are BYOB.

There are about 6-10 house party events a year at various locations around the state. Information on upcoming events is announced in the monthly newsletter and registration is on a "first call-first registered" basis. We encourage members to host events and offer support from officers and the steering committee to help make them successful.   During the scheduled time of the event B&G rules are in effect (see B&G Rules and Guidelines).  After the event, however, with permission of the host, members can stay on and B&G rules will no longer apply.  Members should be conscious that the host has had a long day in preparing for the party and should use common sense in leaving at a reasonable time.  Some hosts will allow long-distance members for overnight accommodations.  Please address that issue at the time you call to make reservations.

Rapscallion & Skintastic Events

Our annual regional gathering takes place in late November with nearly 100 B&G members and their guests from the tri-state area. We call it the "Gathering of Naked Rapscallions". There are appetizers, entertainment and lots of naked fun. It is held at a Springfield, Massachusetts nightclub as a private event with secured well-lit parking.  Hotel accommodations are within walking distance.

At the same nightclub, we also have a spring event called “Skin-tastic”, which is more of a low-keyed happy hour event that draws about half the number of guests as Rapscallion.  Both events are available to us during the early evening on Saturday and the club reopens to the public at 9 PM.  The nightclub welcomes our members to continue their evening fun at the club, and there is ample local dining in the area for those who wish to explore the town.

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